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In the early 1970s, most personal computers came as hobbyist kits requiring a high level of technical expertise to assemble. Don French, a buyer for the consumer electronics chain Tandy Radio Shack (TRS), believed that Radio Shack should offer an assembled personal computer and hired engineer Steve Leininger to design it. In the summer of 1977, Radio Shack introduced the TRS-80 for $599. This offering included a BASIC language interpreter, four kilobytes of RAM, a Zilog Z80 processor at 1.77 megahertz, a twelve-inch video monitor, a cassette recorder, a power supply, and a cassette tape containing the games Blackjack and Backgammon.

TRS-80 Model I Information Links

Wikipedia TRS-80 Model I entry

Usual type of site for a Wiki entry - stats, basic description of hardware, capabilities, etc... Good starting point for info gathering

Old Computers Model I entry

Provides a good overview of the system options, model numbers, peripherals, and a brief history as well as reader feedback Model I entry

This article is quite detailed, including machine description, specifics, options and several images of Radio Shack catalog ads (Ira Goldklang) Model I entry

This article provides a very concise discussion of the Model I, including history, specs, hardware options, software... the list could go on

PC Magazine Look Back at TRS-80's

This PC Magaine article is brief synopsis of some of the more popular TRS-80 computers from back in the Shack's hey-day

Radio Shack’s Original TRS-80 Family of Computers

Low End Mac offers a brief, but, favorable review of the Z-80 based Radio Shack computer family and a few competitors

American History Museum TRS-80 Model I entry

Not a lot can be said about this entry - it's an extremely brief run-down about the computer, and that's about all that can be said

Nutz & Volts Model I article

This undated Nuts & Volts article is a terrific, if not brief, overview of the Model I and it's historical impact

David Keil's Model I Emulator Page

David's emulators are amoung the best - if you can't get your hands of real equipment, and if you have an older PC to spare, this is a great option

Vintage Computer Model I entry

Yet another very brief page with little more than just the machine specifics, with little to no history

Time Magazine: Please Don’t Call It Trash-80

This is a very good article discussing Radio Shack's, and the TRS-80's, succeesses in the early days of thr computer revolution

Radio Shack's First PC: 45 Years of TRS-80

Nice overview of the TRS-80 Model I, and it's market impact

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TRS-80 Model I Resource Links

Bartlett Labs

Bartlett Labs provides unique, powerful expansion devices for various vintage Radio Shack TRS-80 microcomputers

TRS8BIT Newletter

TRS8BIT is a traditional format newsletter published quarterly by TRS-80 enthusiast Dusty Miller.

The Right Stuff (get it... TRS?)

Hardware support for for numerous TRS and Tandy computers, up to the MS-DOS machines

The TRASH Talk Podcast

The show focuses on the TRS-80 Model I, II, III and 4. But, all models of TRS-80 are covered to some degree...

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