TRS-80 Model II, 12, 16 & 6000 Information Links

These machines were all pretty much "business" computers, more than anything else. The main difference between them and the others was in the use of 8 inch disk drives. The Model 2 was a Z-80 based machine, while the 16/6000 used a combination of the Z-80 and Motorola 68000. The Z-80 served as the disk I/O processor, and ran the machine when it was booted in Model 2 mode.

TRS-80 Model II Information Links

Wikipedia TRS-80 Model II entry

Usual type of site for a Wiki entry - stats, basic description of hardware, capabilities, etc... Good starting point for info gathering

Old Computers Model II entry

Provides a good overview of the system options, model numbers, peripherals, and a brief history as well as reader feedback Model II entry

This article is quite detailed, including machine description, specifics, options and several images of Radio Shack catalog ads (Ira Goldklang) Model II entry

This article provides a very concise discussion of the Model II & 16, including history, specs, hardware options, software... the list could go on

Model II at the DigiBarn

This article discusses a Model II dontated to the DigiBarn Computer Museum

The Model II Lives Again!

Hackaday strikes with a repair article on the Model II

Not sure about the origins of this site, but there's good info

Not a lot can be said about this entry - it's a brief run-down about the computer, and it's history

PSKI Model II software archive

PSKI GIT archive od software on the Model II/p>

Computing History Model II Article

A brief history of the Model II and it's hardware

Electric Trickery Documents

This link contains a plethora of PDF documents related to the Model II

Lo-Tech TRS-80 IDE Adapter

This article is a 'how-to' use the Lo-Tech IDE Adapter on the Model II

VanNatta Computer History

A short technical article about the Model II and 12

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TRS-80 Model 12, 16 & 6000 Information Links

Wikipedia brief TRS-80 Model 12 entry

Very brief discussion of the Model 12 - very little info provided

Wikipedia Model 16 & 6000

The last part of the Wikipedia entry is dedicated to the Model 16B & 6000

Old Computers Model 12 entry

Provides a brief overview of the system configuration and options

Vintage Computer dot Net

Technical documents related to the Model 12

Virginia Computer Museum

Rundown of a Tandy 6000 that was restored as a Model 12

My Old Computers Model 6000

Pictures and specs on the Model 16 - Lots of pictures

Old Computers Model 16 entry

A very brief article on the Model 16's differences from the Model 12

PSKI Board Spotters Guide

A short discussion on the various CPU boards in the Model 16 - 6000

Model 16B vs Tandy 6000

This is a Google Groups (yeah, I know) discussion on the differences between the two machines

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